Robin S. Selby, LCSW  - Psychotherapy, EMDR, Mindfulness Practice
I have 30 years of experience working with individuals, families and couples to heal from past wounds and to grow into the fullness of their potential.

By teaching  mindfulness strategies and using EMDR I help my clients to begin to change the patterns that have interfered with their ability to be fully themselves.  I believe that with practice and compassion we are able to change our brains and become more fully present in our lives.

I work with many clients in recovery from substance abuse,codependency and trauma, anxiety and depression.  I also work with clients during major life transitions.  Often during times of change things can feel overwhelming yet these are often times of great potential for positive change.

My belief is that, if there is a purpose to our lives, it is that we be ourselves the best that we can.  So many of us hold memories or beliefs that tell us that we are somehow deficient or not good enough.  These negative beliefs hold us back from reaching our true potential.  In my work with clients I help to dispel these negative beliefs through use of EMDR and mindfulness practice.

My fees are $95.00 per hour.  I have a siding scale for those in financial need.  If your insurance provides out of network coverage I will prepare a statement for you to submit.

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