Robin S. Selby, LCSW  - Psychotherapy, EMDR, Mindfulness Practice

   Mindfulness          Strategies            Group 

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Classes to develop skills and meditations to grow your brain.  Help for stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

Join us in developing a mindfulness practice to rewire your brain. We have an 8 session group where we learn basic meditation, how to be in the moment, become a witness to our patterned thoughts and feelings and begin to find new ways to experience ourselves and others.

We will be offering  Eight week classes of Mindfulness Strategies Wednesdays from 6:15 - 7:45
The fee for all 8 sessions is $375

To register contact us at 804 389-2787, through my website or email

We are also available for one day workshops or 2 hour In-service training.

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